Top Vegan Frozen Meal Brands You Should Look For

Best Vegan Frozen Meals to Try

Veganism was something that hasn’t been well-accepted by society a long time ago before it became a mainstream lifestyle at the moment. It improves not just your health but also other factors such as water, the forests, and CO2 because it takes a high volume of these resources to rear livestock for meat and dairy production.

If you are thinking about turning vegan, I can’t say it’ll be easy but surely, it gets better as you go along the process. As a start, here are some of the best vegan frozen meals that are tasty and can be prepared in a few easy steps. Frozen vegan meals are so easy to prepare and can be ready in just a few minutes.

Top Vegan Frozen Meal Brands You Should Look For
    Purple Carrot Sweet Corn Elote Bowl
    Amy’s Vegan Indian Vegetable Korma
    Sweet Earth Cauliflower Mac Bowl Frozen Dinner
    Tattooed Chef Spicy Thai Bowl
    Wholly Veggie Ranch Cauliflower Wings
    Gardein Skillet Meal Plant-Based Chick’n Florentino
    Saffron Road Vegetable Pad Thai
    Healthy Choice Buddha Bowl

Top Vegan Frozen Meal Brands You Should Look For

  1. Purple Carrot Sweet Corn Elote Bowl

This brand offers a wide variety of vegan meals but this selection, in particular, should never be missing from your list. There’s a great presence of grains here which are excellent sources of fiber and protein to help improve your gut health and to give you enough energy for your hectic day ahead. This vegan frozen meal is a non-GMO Project verified and can be prepared quickly when you microwave it. 

  1. Amy’s Vegan Indian Vegetable Korma

Talking about the world of vegan frozen meals, Amy’s is a big name for it. This brand is known for its frozen meals creation since the late 1980s and has since then operated with a very wide range of vegan frozen meal selections. This Amy’s Vegan Indian Vegetable Korma will give you a taste of Indian food from its basmati rice and spices which also has organic potatoes, peas, cauliflower and more.

  1. Sweet Earth Cauliflower Mac Bowl Frozen Dinner

Bringing pasta to the next level has never been easy with this cauliflower mac bowl frozen dinner. It contains nothing but all plant-based ingredients including roasted cauliflower, sweet potato, turmeric, chickpeas garlic, and some seasoning. It also uses a parmesan-style cheese alternative to make it cheesy and savory at the same time. Easy to prepare and can be ready in just a few minutes.

  1. Tattooed Chef Spicy Thai Bowl

Your kids won’t notice the veggies in this frozen at all since it is mainly made with plant-based chicken, mixed with brown rice, riced cauliflower, carrots, red cabbage, red bell peppers and green onion in a spicy Thai peanut sauce. 

For every serving of this meal, you’ll have 32% of the daily value of dietary fiber which helps your overall bowel movement.

  1. Wholly Veggie Ranch Cauliflower Wings

This brand, as the name suggests, offers bundles of food lunch varieties that are plant-based. They are vegan advocates and they also have gluten-free, soy-free and non-GMO products. These Ranch Cauliflower Wings offer you a healthy and easy-to-cook meal made with full cauliflower florets, lightly coated in a crunchy panko crust, which gives the cauliflower a unique, crunchy bite. What’s good about this frozen meal is that it has zero cholesterol and only 0-0.5g saturated fat.

  1. Gardein Skillet Meal Plant-Based Chick’n Florentino

Gardein is also a brand that markets vegan meat products in the form of entrée bowls and skillet meals. Their Chick’n Florentino Skillet Meal is a must-try to bring an Italian restaurant flavor to your table in just 9 minutes. 

It has 20oz of plant-based chicken with pasta, broccoli and spinach in a creamy roasted garlic and lemon sauce. It also has multiple kinds of grains which add fiber along with the Vitamin C this meal contains.

  1. Saffron Road Vegetable Pad Thai

Another Asian delicacy you might want to try at home is this Saffron Road Vegetable Pad Thai. You can have a taste of Thailand’s national food in just a few minutes with this frozen dinner, made with tender rice noodles and exotic Thai-style peanut sauce. You’ll have 15g of protein while getting 0mg of cholesterol for every serving of this tasty Thai dish.

  1. Healthy Choice Buddha Bowl

Post afternoon workout, if you’re looking for a quick meal for dinner, this would be a perfect choice. Satiate your tummy without feeling guilty with this Buddha Bowl from Healthy Choice, loaded with chickpeas, tender veggies, red quinoa, and brown and red rice, all drizzled with a savory sesame tahini sauce and topped off with creamy feta and crunchy, nutritious flax, pepita, sesame, and chia seeds.


Indifference to frozen meals has now become a thing of the past as it has proven the benefits it can bring to our health, budget and our time. It makes our meal preparation hassle-free and quick and easy. These top brands for frozen vegan meals would hopefully help you in finding the best vegan frozen meals that are appropriate for your budget and taste preferences.