10 Best Dairy Free Frozen Meals

For a Quicker and Healthy Family Meal

Frozen food has debunked tales and bruits when it comes to the nutrition and benefits frozen meals can bring. Not only does it give you convenience in preparing your food but it also provides the same health benefits as what you can get in eating freshly cooked meals. 

If you have allergies or intolerance to specific kinds of food or ingredients in a food, lactose, for example, frozen meals can answer your needs too. I have collected a variety of dairy free frozen meals for you to choose from as your go-to meals for breakfast, lunch, or even dinner.

10 Best Dairy Free Frozen Meals
    Amy’s Thai Pad ThaiVegan Frozen Meal, Dairy Free
    Applegate, Organic Gluten-Free Chicken Nuggets
    Alpha Foods Vegan Pizza Burrito
    Purple Carrot Plant-Based Meatball Marinara
    American Flatbread Vegan Pizza
    Alexia Sweet Potato Fries with Sea Salt
    Amy’s Vegan Frozen Meals, Gluten Free Vegetable Lasagna
    Alpha Foods Vegan Breakfast Variety Box
    Applegate, Natural Savory Turkey Breakfast Sausage
    Annie Chun’s Noodle Bowl, Japanese-Style Teriyaki

10 Best Dairy Free Frozen Meals

  1. Amy’s Thai Pad ThaiVegan Frozen Meal, Dairy Free

This Asian food favorite is a must-try, made with rice noodles, organic house-made tofu, julienned carrots, green onions, broccoli, and with a twist – baked cashews, instead of the typical peanuts. This dairy free frozen food is also vegan and gluten-free so anyone can munch on this Thai dish.

  1. Applegate, Organic Gluten-Free Chicken Nuggets

I have read the ingredients and about the manufacturer too and it seems like a good fit for anyone who’s an all-organic and gluten free advocate. Applegate’s products are made with meats from raised animals without using antibiotics at all. These chicken nuggets are from organic white chicken meat and are dairy and gluten-free. This is a kind of dairy free frozen food that can be enjoyed both by kids and adults in your household.

  1. Alpha Foods Vegan Pizza Burrito

Here’s something you literally just have to heat up in the microwave and voila—you’ll have a ready to eat pizza burrito for a quick and easy meal. This grab-and-go meal meets bold Italian flavor and cheesy goodness to satiate your hunger in a quick manner. This is 100% vegan and is dairy free frozen food too!

  1. Purple Carrot Plant-Based Meatball Marinara

This is something you want to look for in your freezer when you are extra lazy but want something tasty and healthy to eat. 

What’s great about this is that you are eating meatballs without meat—all are plant-based with Orzo and vegetables in a fire-roasted red pepper marinara sauce.

  1. American Flatbread Vegan Pizza

If you’re turning vegan but can’t let go of meat yet, here’s a perfect option for you as a starter. This American Flatbread pizza uses plant-based meat for pepperoni and sausages and dairy-free cheese. 

This is one of the best dairy free frozen meals because it is all vegan and has no artificial preservatives.

  1. Alexia Sweet Potato Fries with Sea Salt

Not just for meals but frozen food could also satisfy your cravings for snacks. You can munch on this Alexia Sweet Potato Fries with Sea Salt with the carefully balanced sweet and savory flavor of sweet potatoes together with a hint of sea salt.

You can just pop this in an air fryer and you’ll have healthy and tasty fries in no time!  For every serving of this dairy free frozen food, you’ll be getting 12% dietary fiber and 5% potassium of the daily value.

  1. Amy’s Vegan Frozen Meals, Gluten Free Vegetable Lasagna

Lasagna is a family’s favorite. What more could be better than this vegan, gluten-free and dairy free pasta? This should be one of your daily free frozen must-haves from Amy’s as this is a no-compromise lasagna with mozzarella-style cheese and rich, hearty, tomato sauce. All plant-based and organic!

  1. Alpha Foods Vegan Breakfast Variety Box

Even if you’ve had a hangover and woke up late, that wouldn’t be a problem if you have this Alpha Foods The Breakfast Variety Box. Loaded with different breakfast’s plant-based champs including burritos, sandwiches, English muffins and more. These are packed with protein, iron, and all the taste you need to start your day right.

  1. Applegate, Natural Savory Turkey Breakfast Sausage

This breakfast sausage is seasoned with cayenne pepper, aromatic sage and spices to add a little kick to your morning routine. This is made with turkey and water and contains less than 2% of the following: cane sugar, salt, spices, and rosemary extract. For every serving of this dairy free frozen food. This will be ready within just 5-6 minutes after thawing.

  1. Annie Chun’s Noodle Bowl, Japanese-Style Teriyaki

Some days you’d want the usual food and some days you’d want to go Asian but are too lazy to go to Japanese or Chinese restaurants. For a quicker solution, try this Japanese-Style Teriyaki noodle bowl from Annie Chun’s.

Its savory and sweet sauce works in perfect harmony with carrots, bok choy, and tender Hokkien noodles. In just 2 minutes, you have your Japanese food ready at your table.


Frozen food has come a long way since it first came into existence many years ago and has surpassed a lot of food types in the grocery, benefit and fame wise. In choosing dairy free frozen meals, always check the labels to confirm if they are dairy free or sometimes, it is not indicated but you can look for the labels and see the ingredients yourself. You will surely know if it has dairy products like milk, cheese or yogurt in it.